Lingerie tips: How to avoid wardrobe malfunction this Holi

Sherin Shetty, fit expert at online lingerie brand Zivame gives us a few tips on what to wear this Holi.

You have already made elaborate plans for pre and post Holi skin as well as hair care, but what about picking the right lingerie for the festival of colours. An expert tells us how to avoid embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions.

Sherin Shetty, fit expert at online lingerie brand Zivame, has shared some tips on what to wear on Holi:

* Smooth cup t-shirt brassiere: We recommend wearing a smooth cup T-shirt brassiere this Holi if you are planning to wear a T-shirt or kurta.

The brassiere will offer full coverage, reduced bounce and will also ensure that you do not have to constantly worry if the cups or straps can be seen after you have been drenched in a spray of colour.

Look for broader strap brassieres that are non-metallic and ensure easy movement. You can also opt for a white or black sports brassiere if that works better for you.

* Areola concealers: No woman wants to be caught with perky areolas (the pigmented area on the human breast) in the middle of water cannon fights. Ensure that you use concealers / stickers / silicon petals for complete peace of mind.

* Dark coloured briefs: Avoid wearing a bright coloured briefs on Holi and stick to dark colours. You don’t want to be caught with your coloured brief showing through separately after you are all black and blue with colour.

* Camisoles: If you are a modest girl, and all this talk about brassieres seems to be excessive, you can use camisoles that can be worn under any garment. Even for those who will be wearing brassieres, a cami worn over a brassiere can offer better coverage even when the outerwear is wet.

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