Aubade AW/17: Aubadessence

“The Aubadessence collection is divided aromatically into lightweight lace, floral prints, embroidered bouquets and precious silks”

Artisanal perfumers and the world of fragrances. The inspiration behind Aubade’s AW/17 collection, Aubadessence, thrives to revive sensorial memories and explore the senses with pieces that has touches of delicate notes to showcase all women. Fitting as a second skin, the details and cuts on the sets evoke sensuality and boldness, just like the scents that are part of the Aubade AW/17 inspirations.

One of the lines, Fleurs de Plaisir, is a mix between prints, radiant colors and the lightness of transparency, keeping the floral related to happiness. Described as a contemporary twist on the geometric motif, this line is crafted with light and soft materials (jaquard lace and microfibre meshe) that awaken the senses and match the personality of each woman. The line is available in two colors: Opale and Ebène.

Divin Bouquet is the line for the creative woman. An invitation to sensory daydreams featuring a multi-tone small floral embroidery – a luxurious touch that dresses the body in a modern design. Five bras and three bottoms are available in two tones: Aurore and Ombre.

Passion Nocturne is the perfect mix between romantic breeziness and a hint of daring.
Sophisticated floral embroidery is matched with tulle for the creation of seductive games. Three bras and three bottoms are offered and the line is complete with a sensual basque, delicate suspenders and stockings to match and involve the whole body in fantasy.

For nightwear, Crépuscule Satiné is the line that brings fluid silhouettes made in precious silk with lace details. Radiating sensuality, the line brings five pieces that can be used as outerwear as well – and in five different colors: Cuivre, Fumée, Midnight, Nacre and Platine. Timeless colors that can be matched with the corsetry line, as Aubade suggests.

Nudessence is the seductive tribute to the shape of the women and their essence, evoking the beauty present on the nudity by contrasting between transparent tulle and opaque parts, creating a game of conceal and reveal. Seven bras, including new shapes, go together with five different bottoms and a waist cincher. Details of lacing between the breasts in some of the bras are another dash of sensuality of this particular line.

Cuir de Rose is inspired by the sensual magic of the body, with floral guipure details on the pieces, that include three bras (one of them a triangle top), two tangas, a waist cincher and a corset. This ultra-luxurious line has an erotic spirit and enhance feminine curves with leather effect all over.

The collection explores aspects of the feminine body and essence, creating lines that work by putting together different elements and transforming the body in work of magic art, guided by the scents and senses.


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